• Hot Bowls

    • Classic Beef Chilli

      Slow cooked beef and black bean chilli served with herby rice

    • Halloumi & Avocado

      Grilled halloumi, sliced avocado with tomato salsa and sour cream

    • Vegetable Tagine

      Totally tasty and vegan chickpeas and roasted vegetables in Moroccan spiced  tomato sauce

    • Sandwiches

    • Burritos

      Mexican Chicken Burrito
      Spicy Halloumi

    • Classic

      Cheddar Cheese
      Mexican Chicken
      Chicken Mayo
      Tuna Mayo
      Egg and Cress
      Coronation Chicken
      Sweet Chilli Chicken
      Gammon Ham

    • Gourmet

      Ham, Egg & Black Pepper
      Falafel & Hummus

      Chicken & Grilled Bacon
      Moroccan Chicken Wrap
      Dark Siren Wrap

      Argy Bhaji

      Jamaican Jerk Wrap
      Chicken Tikka


    • Lunch

    • Baked Potatoes

      Cheddar Cheese
      Baked Beans
      Tuna Mayonnaise
      Chicken & Bacon Mayonnaise

    • Deli Salads

      Cheddar Ploughman’s
      Falafel & Hummus
      Tuna & Egg
      Ham & Coleslaw
      Pasta Salad Box
      Deli Mixed Salad
      Chicken & Bacon Caesar

    • Panino & Toasties

      Cheese & Bacon
      Cheese, Tomato & Onion
      Cheese, Ham & Tomato
      Cheese & Mushroom
      BBQ Chicken Melt
      Mexican Chicken Melt
      Tuna Melt
      Roasted Veg Melt

    • Soup of the Week

      Homemade, fresh and nutritious

    • Snacks

    • Chocolate Bars

    • Cookies & Cakes

    • Pipers Crisps

    • Tray Bakes

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